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Reboot RevPi after rpiboot without disconnecting power

31 Mar 2023, 17:44

I've used rpiboot to get access to the storage of a revpi and flash an image.

How can I restart the PI from the terminal, so it boots into the freshly flashed OS?

I do not want to physically interact with the raspberry (e.g. reconnect the powersupply), so it can be restarted via a script.
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Re: Reboot RevPi after rpiboot without disconnecting power

03 Apr 2023, 12:58

Hello aki-ks,
The device does not boot when the USB cable is connected (disable eMMC). Therefore, the USB plug has to be disconnected, and the device has to be de-energized for a short time.
A workaround must be to disable the computer's USB slot via the Windows Device Manager and then find a way to implement a controllable switch. The purpose of this switch is to turn the device on and off.
You could maybe use this device: Teltonika RUT955

Best Regards

Ulrich Kouatang Biakoup | Technical Support

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