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RevPi Compact

23 Nov 2022, 18:45

Hello, I hope you are well. I am a PhD student and I am working on microgrid systems. in the control part I found the RevPi Compact, but I have some questions about this product if anyone has any ideas. my first question is can this RevPi Compact be programmed with Simulink? Also, my second question is, is there a RevPi Compact that has 8g of RAM?
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Re: RevPi Compact

23 Nov 2022, 22:32

Hi Rahmouni,

Welcome to the Revolution Pi community!

There seems to be support for simulink with Raspberry Pi (https://de.mathworks.com/hardware-suppo ... ulink.html), so maybe this would work on the RevPi too (besides the extension modules). But I cannot say for sure, as I don't have any experience with Simulink.

Regarding your questions about a Connect with 8 GB of memory: Not with the current available devices (Connect + or Connect S/SE), but next year we will release the Connect 4 which will be also available with 8 GB of RAM.

Hope this answers your questions.

Rahmouni Ayoub
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Re: RevPi Compact

24 Nov 2022, 11:03

Thank you very much nicolaiB
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Re: RevPi Compact

04 Apr 2023, 09:26

i am still confuse

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