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Questions about can module on revpi

03 Jul 2022, 05:44

Having some issues with using the can module on the revpi.

Sometimes the CAN bus seems to stop working... And this command:

candump can0

doesn't give anything... no messages at all.

So to fix it I do this:

sudo ip link set can0 down
sudo ip link set can0 type can restart-ms 100
sudo ip link set can0 up

Then it starts working again.

Also, looking at:

ip -details -statistics link show can0

shows transmission errors, when this happens.

Trying to figure out why this is happening (occasionally).

Suppose the revpi with the can module is the only can node that is up... the others are powered down. So I assume there will be transmit errors in this situation, and the errors will accumulate and it will go into a bus-off state. Am I right in thinking this is what happens in this scenario? What will candump can0 present if this happens?

Thanks for any input.

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