Downsides to using shared_procimg=True

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Downsides to using shared_procimg=True

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We are looking to run multiple python processes on a single RevPi. Due to various internal reasons, we would like the option to share the digital inputs and outputs between these python processes by using the shared_procimg=True flag. I do understand that there are performance implications to this but are there any other downsides to having this option set to True? Does it affect the life of the module? Obviously, we will plan to use specific digital inputs/outputs per process so that there is not much interaction and there by reduce any flickering (if any). In general, we would be reading digital inputs every 200 ms and set specific digital outputs at 200 ms as well. Do see this being an issue overall?

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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Re: Downsides to using shared_procimg=True

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Hi am316,

no the module lifetime is not affected by this. It's only related to the performance / cycle time as with this mode the library has to sync all IOs after every operation and can't cache anything.

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