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Node-red on Compact enabling outputs

23 Aug 2021, 22:25

I am very new to the RevPi environment.
I am running Node-red on a Compact device. The PiCtory file is created and I can select my device output pin (analog output 1) in Node-red.
I have an inject node input to the analog output and try to run the flow, but get no change in the analog output voltage.
Is there any thing necessary to load or configure for the Node-red application to activate the Compact's pins?
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Re: Node-red on Compact enabling outputs

27 Aug 2021, 13:31

Hi have a look at the Video Tutorials about Node-Red:
https://revolution.kunbus.com/tutorials ... ials/#VT26
https://revolution.kunbus.com/tutorials ... ials/#VT27

I took the liberty of moving your post to the appropriate board. Here are the developers of the component who can help you.

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