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Restart RevPi with watchdog after disconnection

28 May 2021, 17:09

I use RevPi Connect and I want create a project that reboot the RevPi after a disconnect.
I have seen that the watchdog can work separately from the RevPi OS and my goal is to create a program to manage the watchdog. It is possible?
I have seen the page in the manual but it's not very clear. How can I modify the script that currently manages the watchdog?

Thanks for help
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Re: Restart RevPi with watchdog after disconnection

01 Jun 2021, 09:17

Hi Alexandro, there is a code example under "/home/pi/demo".
You can customize this to your liking. In this script an interruption of the internet connection is tested cyclically as an example.
The watch dog timer will be reset until the internet connection is not possible.
So your task is to adapt this script or to write the image 6 of the variable "RevPiLED" cyclically in your code instead of the script itself.
This writing you omit, as soon as your error condition occurs - That is also already everything.
You can find more information here: ... rect=en_US

Here is a more in-depth tutorial about the available watchdog mechanisms in our Knowledge Base: ... /651132931
You just have to register with your E-Mail address to access it.
The registration page is currently in German language only so here is a short animation how it works:
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