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by jejmule
16 Apr 2024, 17:04
Forum: Software
Topic: Modbus RTU Slave delay to answer
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Modbus RTU Slave delay to answer

Hello, I am implementing the revpi connect 3+ as a modbus RTU slave. The device is working but on my master, I have every 50 request approx a bad CRC exception. Lokking in detail, it looks like the revpi is answering too fast! In many industrial slave devices, there is an option to add a delay befor...
by jejmule
11 May 2021, 12:59
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Question about DIO output
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Question about DIO output

Hello, I am working on a project where I control two frequency inverters Mitsubshi FR-D700 and Hitachi WJ200. I have attached input description of both inverter, both inverter are configured with sourcings inputs. I have a 24v external power supply connected on X2 connector. I am using O1 and O2 to ...