Connecting the Power Supply


Do not connect the RevPi Connect to the power supply until all other devices and connectors are connected.

If the RevPi Connect is already connected to the power source before you connect other devices, the devices may be damaged.





124 V supply for powering the RevPi Connect and connected modules
20 V supply (ground)
3Enable/disable watchdog

  • Disabled (factory default): bridge to ground
  • Enabled: open
4Functional earth (optional connector to improve EMC properties)

Connecting the Power Supply

Your RevPi Connect is factory equipped with a so-called X4 connector for the power supply.

To connect the power supply, you also need:

  • Power supply unit (available in our shop).
    The power supply unit must have at least 11 W.
  • Wiring, cross section 0.35…2.5┬ámm2 (AWG22…AWG14)
  • Connect terminals 1 and 2 to your power supply unit.

This connector can also enable or disable the watchdog.

The watchdog is factory disabled by means of a jumper cable between ground and WD terminal. So without this cable it is enabled. You can find more information here.