How to Connect the Power Supply


Do not connect RevPi Connect to the power supply until all other devices and connectors are connected. If RevPi Connect is already connected to the power source and you subsequently connect a device, your devices may be destroyed.

Be sure to use the correct wiring, otherwise it is possible that your devices will be destroyed!

To connect your RevPi Connect to the power supply, we provide you with a plug. Besides, you need:

  • power supply (available in our shop)
  • If you use your own power supply, it must have at least 11 W.
  • cable (thickness 0.35 – max. 2.5 mm2)
  • When using stranded wire: wire end ferrules matching the cable.

This connector is responsible for the main power supply of your RevPi Connect and can also activate or deactivate the Watchdog.

We supply you with the plug already pre-wired. That’s why we’ve already done this for you:

  • Pins 7 and 6 are connected by a jumper cable and thus connected to ground. For the watchdog to be deactivated, it must be on ground.
    The watchdog is active without this cable and the watchdog timer must be restarted cyclically by your application software so that your system is not restarted. Until you have such software, it makes sense to deactivate the watchdog. A more detailed description of the watchdog can be found here.
  • Your RevPi Connect has two 24 volt inputs.  It is necessary to connect both connectors to one power supply for your RevPi Connect to work.
    We have already connected the two 24 V terminals.
  • Both ground terminals are connected to each other.
  • Functional earth has been connected to each other.

You still have to do that:

  • Connect the functional earth at one of the two terminals (4 or 8) to an earthing point to protect your device from interference. You can use the earthing terminal of the DIN rail, for example.

We also recommend that you route the respective connections for functional earth to a neutral point for several modules.

  • Connect terminals 1 and 2 ( 24 V and Ground) to your power supply.

 X4 Connector Main supply

124 V supply for the module supply
(prewired, not internally bridged with pin 5)
2Ground (prewired, not internally bridged with pin 6)
3Do not connect!
4Functional earth (prewired, not internally bridged with pin 8)
524 V supply for watchdog and connected connect modules (prewired, not internally bridged with pin 1)
6Ground (prewired, not internally bridged with pin 2)
8Functional earth for watchdog (prewired, not internally bridged with pin 4)