How to Configure RevPi Gate for POWERLINK

Setting the Station Address

You can set a station address for the gateway component using the two rotary switches. The station number can be assigned in the range of 01-239.

The station address is set as a hexadecimal.

Example: Setting the station number 18.

Set switch x16 (1) to position “2”.

Set switch x1 (2) to position “1”.

The settings yield the hexadecimal value 0x12 and the decimal value 18.

POWERLINK Configuration

To configure the gateway component, you have to make the appropriate settings in the standard objects with the configuration software of your POWERLINK master.

You can structure process data exchanged between the gateways in an application-specific way for POWERLINK using the process data object (PDO). For this purpose, POWERLINK uses mapping objects addressed via index and subindex

The process data is divided into input process data (RPDO) and output process data (TPDO). The size of the process data varies according to the cycle time used:

Cycle timePDO(RPDO + TPDO)
Minimum cycle time 200 µs12 Byte PDO
400 µs100 Byte PDO
700 µsRPDO 200 Byte + TPDO200 Byte
Maximum cycle time 60 msRPDO 200 Byte + TPDO200 Byte

The gateway component supports the objects listed below. They comply with the specification DS302 (Version 4.02) of the CiA.

You can access the data byte-by-byte.

Fieldbus Output Data (Master Direction)

IndexObject nameSub- IndexDescriptionData typeAccess
2000hIN_I2000_S0100hNumber of EntriesU8Read Only
IN_I2000_S0201hIn Byte #0


80hIn Byte #127
2001hIN_I2001_S0100hNumber of EntriesU8Read Only
IN_I2001_S0201hIn Byte #128
IN_I2001_S8080hIn Byte #255

Fieldbus input data (from the master)

IndexObject nameSub- IndexDescriptionData typeAccess
2100hOUT_I2100_S0100hNumber of EntriesU8Read Only
OUT_I2100_S0201hIn Byte #0U8Read/Write
OUT_I2100_S8080hIn Byte #127
2101hOUT_I2101_S0100hNumber of EntriesU8Read Only
OUT_I2101_S0201hIn Byte #128U8Read/Write
OUT_I2101_S8080hIn Byte #255