Push-in terminals for the RevPi

Opinions differ on the question of whether to use screw terminals or spring terminals. The RevPi is delivered with screw terminals. This decision was made years ago and is not so easy to change without upsetting the regular customers.

I personally prefer push-in clamps. Little known is that there are also push-in terminals for the RevPi. These have the nice advantage that they are double-row, i.e. two terminals are available for each contact on the RevPi. This is helpful, for example, to loop the power supply through.

X2 and X4 push-in terminal blocks with double row terminals

The terminals can be obtained as spare parts for Pilz products. The following Pilz articles are the appropriate terminals for X2 and X4, as single or 10-piece packs:

The terminals can be obtained directly from Pilz or from various distributors. I am still trying to convince my colleagues that we offer the push-in terminals ourselves.


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