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Modbus RTU Slave delay to answer

Posted: 16 Apr 2024, 17:04
by jejmule

I am implementing the revpi connect 3+ as a modbus RTU slave. The device is working but on my master, I have every 50 request approx a bad CRC exception.
Lokking in detail, it looks like the revpi is answering too fast! In many industrial slave devices, there is an option to add a delay before answering a request. Is it possibe to modify this delay? How to tune it?

Thank you,

Re: Modbus RTU Slave delay to answer

Posted: 14 May 2024, 08:53
by dirk
Hello Jérôme, thank you very much for your patience and your report. We have gratefully accepted and discussed your ideas. Presently, I cannot tell you if and when we will be able to implement this parameter for delayed communication.
Alternatively, you can always view the developments online or contribute your own ideas here and deliver them as a patch: