[BETA] Kernel 5.10 for testing

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[BETA] Kernel 5.10 for testing

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Dear RevPi Community,

I am happy to announce that after intensive work we have released the first public test version of our Kernel 5.10.
This version is not found in our official update channels, but can be downloaded directly from our GitHub:

https://github.com/RevolutionPi/kernelb ... 3%2Brevpi1

This kernel contains lots of improvements and will be the base kernel for our upcoming product releases. An (incomplete) list of the new features:
  • Linux 5.10.103-rt62
  • Upgrade to Linux 5.10.103
  • Update RT patch to 5.10.103-rt62
  • Support CM4/CM4S (BCM2711) Modules (armv7l)
  • Disable /dev/gpiomem support [security]
  • SMSC95xx: Use interrupt for link status, avoid polling
  • Cleanup pinmux for revpi devices in dt overlays
  • TPM SLB 9670: Implement proper reset procedure
  • piControl: flat: Shrink critical region in the ain thread
  • piControl: compact: Shrink critical section (cpu temp/freq) [Fix missing cycles]
  • piControl: compact: Use hardware interrupt timer instead in soft interrupt
  • piControl: compact: Replace smp_read_barrier_depends() with smp_rmb()
  • piControl: revpi: connect: adjust code to pibridge device tree entry
  • piControl: revpi: core: register platform driver for revpi core device
  • piControl: Stop gateway communication on module unload
  • piControl: Process gateway packets in task context
  • piControl: revpi_core: make sure UART thread does not block at module unload
  • piControl: use correct function to exchange data with userspace
  • piControl: add module depency for DIN on compact

The kernel will be distributed in a final version later via the known repositories, so devices will automatically receive the new kernel.

A beta image which is based on Debian Buster and this kernel 5.10 will follow shortly. Until then, the kernel can be installed as follows:

Code: Select all

wget https://github.com/RevolutionPi/kernelbakery/releases/download/raspberrypi-kernel_1%259.20220323-5.10.103%2Brevpi1/raspberrypi-kernel_9.20220323-5.10.103+revpi1_armhf.deb
sudo apt install ./raspberrypi-kernel_9.20220323-5.10.103+revpi1_armhf.deb

We are looking forward to your feedback!

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