Introducing CDP Studio – IT software tools with OT convenience

Picture of an HMI designed by CDP Studio IDE

The Industry 4.0 era sees increased use of Linux based industrial PCs for automation systems, blurring the line between IT and OT (automation). Revolution Pi is an excellent example and that`s why CDP Studio pre-configured the RevPi range in their development platform (IDE), so customers can easily develop IT-based automation systems.

CDP Studio is a software development tool for real-time distributed control systems. It’s goal is to bring the power and flexibility of C++ systems programming to the level where it is as simple and convenient to use as traditional OT software tools. CDP Studio allows you to create C++ code blocks and assemble these in a NoCode editor to create control and IoT systems.

Screenshot of IDE program
Screenshot of the NoCode editor

The challenge using Linux based industrial PCs is that they require additional bus couplers or remote IO to be useful in the automation domain. This adds complexity and costs to smaller automation or IIoT systems.

Revolution Pi integrates an IPC with automation IO in a single hardware unit, truly bridging the IT/OT gap. The RevPi brings the possibility to use widespread IT hardware and software tools with the convenience of typical OT hardware solutions with integrated digital and analog IO modules.

As CDP Studio is all about IT and OT integration, it was natural for them to fully integrate the RevPi family into their development platform. Their customers can now develop control, automation and IoT systems using simple drag and drop of the pre-configured RevPi controllers in a NoCode programming editor.

Extensive testing before RevPi integration

It should just work is the expectation today. A challenge in fast-evolving technology is to ensure compatibility, scalability and correct behaviour. We provided CDP Studio with our Revolution Pi modules to their dedicated hardware lab where they test every change in the development platform and toolchains in the Continuous Integration Test system. So, no matter whether customers develop using a Windows PC and cross-compile, combine the RevPi with a UI on a panel PC or include a html5 UI on the RevPI, it just works!

Picture of RevPi modules on DIN rail at CDP Studio lab
Revolution Pi modules at CDP Studio testing lab

About CDP Studio
CDP Studio is an “out of the box” vendor independent software development tool to build IoT, control and automation systems. A complete IDE where you design great UI, develop, test and maintain your systems. The Framework includes all the features and functions you need including cross platform toolchains. Read more at their website.

Supported Revolution Pi modules
RevPi Core 3+, RevPi Connect+, RevPi Compact, RevPi Flat and all RevPi IO modules.

Please note
CDP Studio IDE is not part of Revolution Pi. Purchase, licensing and support are provided directly through CDP Studio.



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