Versions and Packages

    In order to work with a library in the long term, it should be versioned and managed via the package manager.

    A library for piControlIf

      It is tedious to always carry the source code of PiControlIf with you. For this reason I would like to create a library for piControlf.

      Using libraries on Linux

        Once written and reused, code works best in a library. Here I describe the first steps to create and use a library.

        External devices and the watchdog

          In one of my last posts I explained how the watchdog of the RevPi Connect can be used. If you look into our tutorial, there is also an ominous EEPROM mentioned.

          Watchdog of the RevPi Connect

            A watchdog is an important tool for ensuring availability, especially for unmonitored systems. Here is how to activate the watchdog.

            Starting processes automatically

              For regular operation, the RevPi usually has to start all necessary software itself. The means of choice for Debian-based systems is systemd.

              Background Processes

                An understanding of background processes is almost essential for the productive use of RevPi. Therefore a short outline of background processes under Linux.

                Shutting down the RevPi

                  Shutting down the RevPi is important, as with any modern computer. Therefore I give a short overview about shutting down a Linux system.

                  Execute commands remotely

                    Sometimes it can be very useful to execute commands on the RevPi without having explicitly started an SSH session before. OpenSSH and Putty can therefore be given commands to execute.

                    First steps in C/C++

                      Here I make my first steps with C/C++ on the RevPi and demonstrate how to control outputs and read inputs.

                      Let’s get started!

                        My name is Thomas, I work in sales at Kunbus. In this blog I write about my experiences with the Revolution Pi.